Your energy partner for a profitable green transformation
Monetize your roof or land area and put it into operation to generate green electricity. Be independent in electricity production. Save money or make money on solar energy. Follow world and European trends and protect the environment. The company Horius will help you implement your decision.
Drones in the function of designing, building and maintaining solar power plants
By using drones, we reduce the time required for field work, which is required for the design of larger solar systems installed on the ground, as well as research costs.
Maintenance of solar power plants
The use of nano technology in the function of maintenance of solar power plants.

Economy and profitability

A profitable investment with the potential for new revenue streams - savings with protection against rising electricity prices.


Self-sustainability through your own green transformation.

Complete service

Turn-key project execution with or without self-investment (for larger projects).


A sustainable future begins with Horius Solar

HORIUS company provides the necessary documentation in compliance with legal regulations, design, implementation, management of generated energy. For larger projects where the customer does not wish to use the generated electricity for their own needs, we provide financing and placement of electricity on the market.

Horius is an authorized distributor of ABI-SOLAR solar panels and equipment for Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Albania.

Application in various fields

solarna-ulicna-rasveta (1)
Solar street lighting

Solar street lighting

An innovative, modern, and multifunctional solution. In combination with IoT services, it can transform your environment into an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced space that everyone desires.

Solar carports

Solar carports

Transforming functional car protection spaces into profit centers or cost savings with modern design and a range of other functionalities was once just an idea. With us, it is now achievable.

Solar benches and bus shelters.

Solar benches and bus shelters.

Turn your parks and bus stops into urban, modern spaces that offer a range of functionalities necessary for everyday life. Additionally, be cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Provide marketing space that you can rent out and generate income from. Our benches and shelters can be SMART. Join us in being SMART too.

Business model

Why install a solar system?

Why not consider handing over your unused business space (such as an unused roof, non-arable land, or a parking area with installed canopies for solar panels) to professional trading companies that will generate electricity from these surfaces through solar panels and sell it on the open market? By doing so, you can achieve new business revenues along with the profit margins realized. The entire investment will be our responsibility, relieving you of any worries or burdens associated with it.


Bank loan for energy efficiency

In collaboration with ProCredit Bank, the company Horius has provided the opportunity to obtain loans for energy efficiency with a reimbursement of up to 20% of the investment. Invest in the energy efficiency of your home and apply for a reimbursement of up to 20% of the invested funds. If you finance only one technology with the loan, the reimbursement is up to 15%, but if you combine two or more technologies, the reimbursement is up to 20%.

Why choose us?

Turn-key construction of solar systems

Authorized distributor of certified equipment.

Complete project implementation on a "turn-key" basis.

Maintenance included in the price. 24/7 monitoring of your system.

Proven installation teams with quality guarantee.

Design teams for preparing solar system plans.

Efficient equipment replacement during the warranty period.

Our process

Green transformation in four steps


Review and detailed analysis

Thorough review and analysis of the current state.


Technical solution development

We create an optimal economic and technical solution.


"Turn-key" project implementation

We take care of project financing, engineering, and all construction works.


System management

We ensure optimal system operation and management of the generated electricity.


A solution for all your needs

Always turn to us as we may have the solution to your challenges. Where electricity is not available or consumption exceeds your expectations, we may be able to help. Implementing various sensor solutions can replace human presence, and combining it with technical security and video surveillance, you can have a sophisticated solution.

new on market

Drones in the role of designing, constructing, and maintaining solar power plants

Many industries are beginning to use drones to dramatically improve their efficiency. The solar industry has also seen an increase in the use of drones for the design and inspection-maintenance of solar power plants in the last few years. Drones are more efficient, cost-effective, and safer for the installation and inspection of solar panels.

In collaboration with GridX company, Horius offers a unique solution in the Balkan market with the help of drone technology. GridX is the exclusive representative of DJI enterprise drones used in various industrial sectors.

By using drones, we reduce the time required for on-site work needed for designing larger ground-mounted solar systems, as well as research costs.

Drones capture topographic data up to five times faster than data collected by any other means on the ground or through traditional methods. They also require less human resources, ultimately reducing the overall costs needed for researching potential locations for building a solar power plant.

The Horius company has incorporated four of its services through the use of drone technology.

For smaller solar systems

For smaller solar systems, free assessments of the current state and position of roof surfaces are available. Through this service, we identify the type of roof structure, assess the current condition of the roof structure (whether there is any damage), identify potential shading caused by the surrounding environment or equipment installed on the roof surface, as well as the configuration of the roof surface.

For bigger solar systems

For larger solar systems installed on ground surfaces, we conduct geodetic surveying of the land with recommendations for correcting the ground surface to achieve an ideal area for the future power plant. Additionally, we prepare a complete set of necessary documentation for the design of the solar power plant. This includes creating foundations for the purposes of designing solar power plants.Izrada podloga za potrebe projektovanja solarnih elektrana

Cleaning and treatment of solar panels

During the operation and functioning of the solar power plant, we offer services for cleaning and treating solar panels with nano protective coatings that enhance the efficiency of the panels. The application of nano particles on larger surfaces of solar power plants exceeding 10 kW is done through drones. Our company is a distributor of products from NANO SWEDEN GROUP for the protection of solar surfaces through coatings based on nano particles, providing complete protection of the solar panel surface from external influences, ensuring panels achieve their full efficiency and longer lifespan.

Inspection of the solar power plant

Through our inspection services, whether the solar power plant is on the roof of a structure or on large ground surfaces, we quickly identify system anomalies and provide recommendations for their resolution. Inspection includes thermographic or thermal imaging inspection and mapping of solar panels.

Inspection of the solar power plant

The cost of drone-based solar panel inspections can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the solar installation, the type of drones and recording equipment used, as well as the scope of the inspection. While it is challenging to provide an exact cost without considering these variables, drone inspections are generally more cost-effective than traditional inspection methods because they offer several advantages, such as reduced labor and equipment costs, shorter inspection times, and improved accuracy.

Factors influencing inspection costs:

1. Size of the solar installation: Larger solar installations, such as solar farms or commercial rooftop arrays, typically require more time and resources for inspection, resulting in higher costs compared to smaller residential systems.

2. Type of drone and recording equipment: The use of specialized drones or advanced recording technologies, such as high-resolution cameras, thermal imaging, or LiDAR sensors, can increase inspection costs due to higher equipment expenses and the expertise required.

3. Scope of the inspection: The level of detail and analysis required during the inspection, such as data processing, issue identification, or report generation, can also impact overall costs.

nano technology

The use of nanotechnology in the maintenance of solar power plants

GLC2 nano coating is an innovative solution for protecting the glass of solar panels. It provides exceptional protection against liquids, dirt, oils, and fungal growth.

Our GLC2 nano coating is utilized in various industries, including glass manufacturers, solar panel manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, shower cabin manufacturers, as well as renovation, maintenance, and cleaning companies.

It can be applied manually or under high pressure. Resistant to water and oil, UV-resistant, easy to clean, it extends the lifespan of solar panels and enhances their energy efficiency.

nano Features of GLC2 Nano Coating:
  • Self-cleaning effect,
  • Water and oil resistance,
  • Stain resistance,
  • Chemical resistance,
  • UV protection,
  • Coating transparency,
  • Enhances visibility,
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Significantly reduces graphite encrustation,
  • Protects the surface from the development of bacteria and viruses,
  • Guards against the growth of mold and fungi,
  • Provides protection against low temperatures,
  • Prevents dirt from penetrating the pores of the treated surface,
  • Shields the surface from soiling, steaming, clouding, or darkening.
  • Aids rain in cleaning the surface through its sliding,
  • Reduces uncontrolled water leakage created by condensation,
  • Nano-coated solar panels generate up to 8% more electrical energy.
  • Does not contain silicone, wax, or oils,
  • Saves money on regular cleaning.
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